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Social Responsibility

Kassem it looks to interact with all community elements and activities, festivals that serve the society and the technological environment in areas of our activities.


Kassem IT is ready to provide civil society's organizations that work in raising the efficiency of community members' life and initiatives that seek to link public services with technology for better community and luxury with its expertise and full cooperation.
Kassem IT has conducted several training courses for its employees and staff who are been considered as the base bricks of any establishment, including the effective communication , teamwork essentials and terms of success  
Kassem It enhances the status of its employees within  the team by highlighting the role rendered by any employee and resolve the appropriate rewards. 
Kassem IT has established a private library for its employees including the most important literary , historical and intellectual selections. 
Kassem IT will work on supporting community-based initiatives and introductions of the most important technological techniques and ways to deal with it.  
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